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Cairo FRCR 2B Online Course (9 September 2022)

The Cairo FRCR 2B ONLINE Course is a 1 day course delivered on an online platform that simulates the FRCR Examination. The course is a collaboration between Revise Radiology and consultants from Ain Shams University Specialized Hospital, Cairo

The course will have cases presented to candidates on zoom where the candidates will be given links to the examiners' case folders for them to scroll through in real-time. The session will run to closely simulate the actual examination experience with 15 minutes of viva presentation followed by 10 minutes of feedback. 

The selected set of examiners include experienced as well as new FRCR examiners. This means that the viva packets they use are of a similar standard to the FRCR examinations.

All bookings are nonrefundable. Transfer to a future course can be made subject to a transfer charge of £50+VAT, if we are informed more than 30 days before the onsite course.


Dr Ramy Mansour

Dr. Ahmed Abdrabou

Dr. Ahmed Elhagar

Dr. Maha Elaassar

Dr. Mohamed Shanah

Dr. Talaat Khater

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