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FRCR 2B Rapid Reporting

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The Revise Radiology Rapid Reporting subscription includes tools to revise questions and an examination practice tool, designed to mirror the RCR Rapid Reporting examination. Get instant comprehensive feedback to help you focus your learning.

Sit an RCR Rapid Reporting exam with our software to mirror the real exam, use it as a tool to learn hot keys and functionality of the exam. Designed to give you exam style functionality so on the day you only need to worry about the questions. Just like in the real exam we use a flagging system so you can see what questions have been answered and which ones you need to come back to, get the practice required for the exam, so all you need to worry about is answering the questions. We give you comprehensive feedback on the exams you have sat, which areas you are not performing well at, where is more practice required. Throughout you can compare your results to your peer group, see how you are doing compared to other candidates sitting the same course. As this tool is designed to mirror the exam experience it will only work correctly on a desktop computer.

Services Provided

  • 60 Rapid Reporting Packets
  • RCR Style Examinations
  • Comprehensive feedback
  • Peer Analysis

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