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Time Period Price
1 month £199 + VAT
3 months £299 + VAT
6 months £399 + VAT

Course includes

  • 60 Rapid Reporting Packets
  • RCR Style Examinations
  • Comprehensive feedback
  • Peer Analysis


·         Optimize your exam preparation with our RCR style examination tool, designed to teach you the ins-and-outs of the software’s hot keys and functionality..

·         Get an insight on whether you have a tendency to over-call or under call x-rays.

·         Get practice typing your answers in text boxes and using keyboard shortcuts to manipulate images in our simulation software.

·          Get comprehensive feedback on your answers and find out which areas you’re doing well in and which areas need more work.

·         Compare your performance with that of your peers.

·         As this tool is designed to mirror the FRCR exam experience, it will only work correctly on a desktop computer.



Our practice and revision tool allows you to

  • ·         Monitor your performance
  • ·         Customize your question bank to focus on areas that need improvement
  • ·         Select a difficulty level for each practice session
  • ·         Organize practice sessions so that you cover our entire question bank

This tool has been designed for computers, tablets and mobile devices so you can keep revising on your commute or any time you get a quick break.