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  • The Revise Radiology FRCR 2A Course is a partnership between and Revise Radiology. It has all the material you need to pass the FRCR 2A Exam. 
    • Over 1500 FRCR 2A Style questions with detailed answers.
    • Take timed Mock Exams to perfect your time management
    • Use our revision software to master the syllabus systematically
    • Get access to all our online teaching webinars.
    • Accelerate your learning with videos that cover a wide range of the FRCR 2A syllabus
    • Participate in three 1-hour online coaching sessions per month
    • Get coached by productivity coaches to prepare for FRCR 2A at your full potential
  • By subscribing to this course, you will get access to 6 months access to the FRCR 2A Subscription within 48 hours of subscribing.
  • The Final FRCR Part 2A online revision course has been written by doctors that currently work in the United Kingdom (UK), and have either successfully passed the Final FRCR Part 2A exam or have many years of experience preparing candidates for UK medical exams including the FRCR. The exam is mapped to the competences of Years 1-3 of the Clinical Radiology Curriculum and we believe that using this course is the best way to maximise your chances of success in the Final FRCR Part 2A.
  • Over 1500 Final FRCR Part 2A questions with detailed explanations accompanying each answer.
  • Authentic question style, written to mimic the actual questions that you will meet in the examination.
  • A database of high quality questions that is constantly being updated and expanded.
  • Subject specific question exams to enable practice in specific areas of weakness.
  • Timed mock examinations with the same question distribution as the actual Final FRCR Part 2A exam itself.
  • All areas of the curriculum covered: with detailed cross referencing and matching to the RCR’s Final FRCR Part 2A blueprint document.
  • Continuous score analysis to track your revision progress.
  • Compatibility with mobile devices and browsers including iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
  • Support throughout your revision from the FRCR Prep team.
  • All subscriptions also come with a free eBook copy of our Complete Revision Guide for the FRCR Exam.

The Revise Radiology Teaching Subscription gives you access to all our teaching webinars and recordings. These webinars have been delivered by experts and specialists in various fields and cover a wide range of topics in radiology.

The library consists of over 25 hours of recorded content and includes the following topics:

  • Nuclear Medicine for the FRCR
  • Cardiac imaging for the FRCR
  • Breast imaging for the FRCR
  • HRCT of the Lungs
  • Paediatrics for the FRCR
  • Neuro imaging for the FRCR 2B 
  • Head and Neck Radiology - What you need to know (For the FRCR) 
  • Imaging of Rectal Cancers
  • Imaging of Head and Neck Malignancies 
  • Imaging of oral and laryngeal Carcinomas
  • The limping child
  • UK Paediatric Trauma guidelines
  • Global Fellowship 
  • Metabolic bone diseases 
  • Bone tumours
  • Paediatric Abdominal Emergencies
  • Approach to Breast Radiology in the UK
  • Approach to Joint Diseases in Rheumatology
  • Approach to Intracranial Tumours

The Coaching Circle is a high-impact and affordable group coaching program, designed expressly with Radiologists in mind.

  • ·        Up to 4.5 RCR CPD points per month for those who can claim CPD.
  • ·        Get access to the Coaching Circle group coaching sessions for the duration of your subscription
  • ·         Benefit from a coaching program tailored for radiologists
  • ·         Get the experience of working with renowned professional coaches
  • ·         Get the tools to achieve more, step into your strengths, move past your fears and take massive action

You can get more details of the coaching circle on

Should you choose to join us, our professionally trained coaches will make it their task to help you find and achieve whatever it is you most want. It is our goal to help you attain exceptional levels of personal and professional productivity. Our program aims are simple and effective:

·         To help you clarify your priorities

·         To identify the tools you need to achieve your goals

·         To help you step into your strengths and move past what stops you

·         To assist you as you take massive action

·         To provide accountability

You can find out more about the program on our website

Services Provided

  • 6 months access to 1500+ Questions from
  • Teaching webinar recordings
  • Coaching Circle Standard membership worth £99/month

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