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Course includes

  • 2 x 45 minute vivas on hot seat including 15 mins feedback each.
  • 6 Viva Sessions observed
  • 4 Long Case Packets
  • 12 Rapid Reporting Packets
  • £100 off any 6 month Revise Radiology 2B Course

The South West FRCR 2B ONLINE Course is a 1 day online course delivered on an online platform that simulates the FRCR Examination and run as a collaboration between Revise Radiology and South West FRCR Courses (the course is also advertised on 

The course includes 6 hours of Vivas including 1.5 hours in the hot seat including feedback.

- You also have access to 12 rapid reporting and 4 long case packets.

  • The course will have cases presented to candidates on Zoom 
  • You will be able to interact with the cases you are asked to present in real time
  • Many of our examiners have been helping with our course for many years and have been put through rigorous assessment and training on multiple occasions by an assessor (which includes former FRCR examiners).
  •  Viva packets provided are of a similar standard as those provided in the FRCR examinations.
  • Examiners are also assessed on the quality of their feedback and assessment.

The session will run to closely simulate the actual examination experience with 15 minutes on the hot seat and 10 minutes of feedback. 

The South West FRCR Online Course also gives access to 8 Rapid Reporting and 8 long case packets. These packets are presented on Revise Radiology's Platform to closely simulate the experience that candidates have of the actual examination. 

These packets can be done before or after the course.