Course Dates

Title / Dates Price
Spring 2022 £1375 + VAT

Course includes

  • Includes 5 day course + All-Inclusive + 8 hot seats + Academy Plus (Details below)
  • 5 day course delivered over 2 dates 7-9 February and 14-15 March 2022
  • 8 Hot seats lasting 15 minutes with 7 minutes feedback each
  • Observe 200+ Cases
  • 88 Rapid Reporting and 41 Long Case Packets
  • Monthly Online Vivas with hot seats and recordings
  • Revise Radiology Academy + STATdx for 6 months
  • Access to 6 months' of subscription

        This is an Online Viva revision course for candidates sitting their FRCR 2B Exams.

        Our popular course is considered one of the best in the UK.

        Here's what you get during the course:

        • The focus during the 5-day course is on the FRCR 2B Vivas and  delivered over 2 periods about 5 weeks apart on an online platform that simulates the FRCR Examination and run as a collaboration between Revise Radiology and South West FRCR Courses.
        • You will attend 5 days of vivas and lectures including 8 hot seats. Each hot seat consists of 15 minutes of presentation followed by 7 minutes of feedback
        • When you are not on the hot seat, you will have the opportunity to observe the presentations of your fellow candidates.
        • Our examiners are experts in assessing candidates for the FRCR Exams.

          They have been put through rigorous assessment and training on multiple occasions by an assessor (which includes former FRCR examiners).
        • All the cases used by the examiners are reviewed by an independent Radiologist. We are confident the course packets are of FRCR-Exam standard.
        • In order to meet your Written Exam revision needs, the course includes the Revise Radiology FRCR 2B All-Inclusive Course and the South West FRCR Packets.
        • This gives you access to an unprecedented 88 Rapid Reporting and 41 Long Case packets for 6 months.

          Revise Radiology's exam platform is a simulation of the RCR Written Platform. This means that you get to practice using keyboard shortcuts to manipulate the images. You also get to practice typing in your answers and increase your speed when you do the actual examination. 
          The Written Course includes model answers to every packet and allows you to compare your performance with your peers. We recommend you do these online packets in quiet, examination-like conditions using a PC or Mac Desktop with at least 8GB RAM and a fast internet connection. 
        • You also get access access to 4 hours of monthly online vivas for 6 months
        • Revise Radiology Academy Plus which includes STATdx, the world's biggest Radiology reference resources with over common and complex diagnoses with cine clips for selected topics and 200,000 expert-selected and annotated image examples as well as a host more features. The Academy also includes 100 hours of videos of previous webinars as well as mindmaps and articles. 
        • All bookings are nonrefundable. Transfer to a future course can be made subject to a transfer charge of £50+VAT, if we are informed more than 30 days before the course.

        Do you have any questions? You can get more information by sending an email to Revise Radiology at or calling 01278 422723

Here's what you can expect on the course.

  • The course will have cases presented to candidates using HOROS 
  • Expert Examiners.

    Many of our examiners have been helping with our course for many years and have been put through rigorous assessment and training on multiple occasions by an assessor (which includes former FRCR examiners).

  •  Viva packets provided are of a similar standard as those provided in the FRCR examinations.
  • Examiners are also assessed on the quality of their feedback and assessment.

The session will run to closely simulate the actual examination experience with 15 minutes on the hot seat and 10 minutes of feedback.

Here's what you get with this course:

  • 33 Long Case Packets and 80 Rapid Reporting packets so you can cover almost all the kinds of questions you'll be asked in the exam
  • Practice opportunities in a software that simulates the RCR Exam platform so you don't lose valuable time and marks in the real Exam
  • 4 hours of live online Viva practice every single month of the year, with hot-seat opportunities and experienced examiners so you can build the confidence to pass the Viva segment on the day of the exam. These courses also include a Q & A Session with Dr. Jacob
  • 6 months’ worth of recordings of previous Viva sessions and of FRCR-specific webinars, so you can enhance your knowledge and see examples of typical cases you'll need to pass the exam.
  • A game-changing exam strategy that's been reviewed and approved by FRCR experts in an email series that's only for subscribers so you can create your own fail-proof Exam preparation strategy
Here is what you get at an extremely cost-effective price:

1. The world's most comprehensive radiology resource, STATdx.

More details are available in the tab titled 'STATdx subscription'.

2. Access to all our live Radiology webinars.

These webinars are a great way to refresh your knowledge of General Radiology.

You get 1 RCR CPD point for every hour of attendance in our live events.

3. Access to our live group coaching meetings .

These meetings are also eligible for RCR CPD points.

4. If you are unable to attend any of the sessions live, you can watch the recordings within the members area.

You can also watch all the previous meetings and webinars we have held until now.