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The Revise Radiology FRCR 2B Online Course is a continuous rolling online Viva revision course for candidates sitting the 2B part of the FRCR examinations and is run concurrently and in collaboration with the renowned South West FRCR Course.

These are a series of 2-3 hour viva sessions run once a month which focuses on the viva component of the examination.

The aim of these interactive webinars are to improve presentation technique and mirror the experience that you get on courses so you have an edge in the examinations. The aim is to show about 20 cases per session with candidates getting the opportunity to be on the hot seat on a first come first served basis. However even if you don't get to be on the hot seat, there is almost as much to be gained by just being an observer as you get to see how other candidates present and then get feedback from an examiner not only on the diagnosis but also on presentation technique. There is also a coaching element to these sessions with a view to setting targets for your preparation. A subscription to this also gives you access to recordings of previous teaching webinars on a wide variety of topics relevant to Radiologists preparing for examinations such as the FRCR (Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists, London). These are available to view and include lectures on Paediatric Radiology, Breast Radiology, Musculoskeletal Radiology, Neuroradiology, Head and Neck Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, Cardiac imaging and Uroradiology.

Opportunities for being on the hot seat are shared on a rotating basis between all those on the course or you can be an observer. All cases are shown on the screen but the candidate on the hot seat will be able to scroll through the images using our online PACS.

Delegates on this course also get access to recordings of 6 months worth of previous sessions including the 2 day courses.

This subscription to this online course also includes a 2-day special event (6 hours per day) in March and September every year which is again focussed purely on the viva component of the examination. The next 2 day events are on the 12-13 March 2020 and 24-25 September 2020.

These 2 day events are also run in a similar pattern to the monthly online viva sessions with opportunities to be on the hot seat depending on availability. The whole experience is designed to mirror the experience in the examination without the need for you to travel to a venue. Most of our examiners have been helping with our course for many years and have been put through rigorous assessment and training on multiple occasions by an assessor (which includes former FRCR examiners). This means that the viva packets they use are of a similar standard to the FRCR examinations. Examiners are also assessed on the quality of their feedback and assessment.

This course is ideal for someone who wants to see a large number of cases and learn from the feedback that you and other candidates get from the examiners. The experience is designed to simulate as best as possible the experience in the examination.

Signing up for 6 months will include one 2 day course in addition to the monthly viva sessions and signing up for 12 months will give you access to 2 online courses.

Services Provided

  • Online Viva, with an opportunity to be in the hot seat
  • Comprehensive feedback
  • 2 Day South West FRCR Online Course
  • Over 25 Hours of Recorded Content

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