Our software is designed to mirror the exam

Use it as a tool to learn hot keys and functionality of the exam. Designed to give you exam style functionality so on the day you only need to worry about the questions

Our Software

Built to work just like the exam, from hot keys to flagging answers

Hot Keys

One of the key things in sitting the exam is learning the hot keys to speed up the switching of tools, this will allow quicker analysis of cases.

Flagging Answers

Just like in the real exam we use a flagging system so you can see what questions have been answered and which ones you need to come back to.

Answer boxes

Get practice typing your answers in text boxes, the app gives you exam experience and unrivalled experience of the exam experience.

Peer analysis

Throughout you can compare your results to your peer group, see how you are doing compared to other candidates sitting the same course.

Comprehensive feedback

We give you comprehensive feedback on the exams you have sat, which areas are you not performing well at, where is more practice required.


We have 1500 anatomy images in total, with 15 set packets for you to sit. This is unrivalled online learning materials in the Anatomy module.

High Quality DICOM/jpeg images

All our images are high quality DICOM or JPEG files. Many previous candidates have said our course material was close to the exam.

FRCR 2B Written

We have 60 Packets of Rapid Reporting and 18 packets of Long Case Material. The cases are varied and have been handpicked for each exam.


Overall, I would recommend candidates to use your online course before sitting exam, it’s really useful! we feel comfortable with the platform and can concentrate completely on interpretation of the images. Thanks for the effort!

- Shyla

We offer an unrivalled exam experience!

Built from the ground up to be a training tool to help you get used to the exam, whilst also giving handpicked study material.