Revise Radiology is an innovative and low-cost way to prepare for postgraduate radiology exams.

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Desktop, tablet, phone. Revise anywhere

Revise Radiology is built using a very modern technology stack and works seamlessly across all of your devices. You can revise at home on your desktop, on the couch with your tablet or on the train with your phone. All you need is a recent internet browser such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Built for radiologists, by radiologists

Every piece of Revise Radiology has been put together by a team of UK radiologists. From design concept, through to coding and content creation, it's all done by post-FRCR radiologists.

Will I pass? Let us predict

We track which questions you get right and which you get wrong and provide immediate feedback. We compare your average performance against the other users of the site to help you focus your revision.

Learn radiological anatomy, on every imaging modality.

We provide full resolution images direct from PACS for every major imaging modality. We cover every major body system. Test your radiological anatomy knowledge against our comprehensive bank of questions. Our users have answered 1,685,115 questions.

Rapid reporting, with style

We currently have 30 curated packets, each containing 30 films for you to sit. More are being added all of the time. We've got more than 960 cases that you can practice individually with immediate feedback. So far users have attempted 696,150 cases.

Analyse, refine and improve

Revise Radiology offers the most detailed analysis of your performance currently available. Want to know if you overcall too many normal films? Perhaps you have a tendency to misdiagnose? We can help you to improve by highlighting your weaknesses.

Your revision, your way.

We have a question bank of over 1570 anatomy questions and 960 rapid reporting cases. You can practice questions one after another or sit an entire timed mock exam. The question bank is fully searchable and you can tailor your revision by body system, imaging modality or just focus on those questions you've never seen before.

Identical format. Just like the exam

Our modules are designed to mirror the exam format used by the Royal College of Radiologists as closely as possible.

Affordable. We're doctors, not bankers

We believe in being fair. Our one fee per module pricing model means that using Revise Radiology to study costs about the same as a single textbook on the subject. Check out our prices.