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FRCR Part 1 Anatomy

Subscription Includes

  • 16 Anatomy packets with over 1500 Questions
  • The only online platform that simulates the RCR Examination
  • Practice/Revision Tool with ability to sort questions by system, modality and difficulty
  • All curriculum areas covered
  • Statistics comparing performance with peers
  • Active online support groups to answer your questions
  • Ability to create notes on the site to help with your FRCR Revision

The FRCR Anatomy Course gives you all the revision material you need to pass the FRCR Anatomy Exam as well as the chance to practice in software that simulates the RCR Exam Platform.

Here's what you get with this subscription:

  • Over 1500 questions that cover almost all the kinds of questions you'll be asked in the exam and the entire FRCR Anatomy curriculum
  • Questions presented in software that simulates the RCR Exam platform so you can get comfortable with the platform and avoid losing valuable marks and time on the day of the Exam
  • A variety of pricing options and a monthly extension plan so you can pay for the course for just as long as you need to pass the Exam
  • A game-changing exam strategy e-mail series that's been reviewed and approved by FRCR experts
  • A revision tool that lets you sort questions based on system, modality and difficulty so you can tailor your revision to focus on problem areas
  • Model answers so you know how to structure your answers to score full points in the Exam
  • Statistics that analyze your performance so you can compare your performance with your peers
  • A note section under each packet where you can create pointers that you can go back and refer to during revision

Our exam software simulates the RCR Exam Platform (Practique) so you can learn how to use the Practique’s hot keys and functionality

We've developed this simulation software so that you can:

  • Practice typing your answers in text boxes
  • Learn how to use the keyboard shortcuts to manipulate images
  • Get comprehensive feedback on your answers
  • Use our in-built statistics to compare your performance with the others taking the exam.

As this tool is designed to mirror the FRCR Exam experience, it will only work correctly on a desktop computer.


Our revision tool lets you sort questions according to system, modality and difficulty as well as keep track of your progress.

It also works on computers, tablets and mobiles.

Here's why we set up the revision tool this way:

  • So that you can systematically cover our entire question bank of over 1500 questions
  • So that you can customise your question bank to focus on specific weak areas
  • So that you can focus on specific modalities and regions
  • So that you can select a difficulty level for each practice session
  • So you can keep revising during your commute, while you travel or any time you get a break

Subscription Options

Time Period Price Extension
1 Month £100 + VAT £20 + VAT/month*
6 Months £175 + VAT £20 + VAT/month*

*Automatically renews until you cancel