Online Anatomy, Rapid Reporting and Long Cases

15 Anatomy, 60 Rapid reporting and 25 long case packets with more added frequently.

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Simulates the experience of the exam giving you practice with keyboard shortcuts and other features to increase your speed in the exam.

Analyse Performance

Track your performance with immediate feedback and webinar meetups to discuss difficult cases.

Online Vivas, Lectures and Coaching

Regular online vivas and meetings, recorded so you can re-watch your performance and feedback.

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Our Courses

Our FRCR 2A Course is designed for Radiologists who want to pass FRCR 2A with the least effort and the shortest preparation time. Here's what you get with the course:

6 months' access to's FRCR 2A Subscription which lets you practice with over 1500 Single Best Answer Type questions with detailed model answers and timed mock-exams so you can measure your preparedness for the real exam.

A Coaching Circle Standard Subscription (normally £49/month) that includes three 1-hour online group mentoring sessions per month with other FRCR Candidates and Mentors so you can be held accountable to your exam revision goals and overcome the mental roadblocks that keep you from success in the Exam. All mentoring sessions are eligible for RCR CPD points

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With our FRCR Anatomy Course, you can excel in the FRCR Anatomy module with the least effort and the shortest preparation time. Here are the benefits of buying this subscription:

You can revise with over 1500 case studies that cover almost the entire FRCR Anatomy Curriculum and 90% of the kinds of questions you'll see in the Exam

    You can use our RCR Exam Platform simulation software to get comfortable with the RCR Exam Platform and avoid losing valuable time and marks on the day of the Exam

      You can practice typing your answers in a text box to improve your speed in the Exam

        You can study from detailed model answers to score full points on each answer in the Exam

          You can pay for the course for only as long as you need with multiple pricing options and an optional monthly extension plan

          You get an expert-approved FRCR Preparation Strategy e-mail series with tips, resources and guidelines so you can set up your FRCR preparation plan

          You can use our revision tool to sort questions by modality, system and difficulty and tailor your revision

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          The Written 2B Course is ideal for Radiologists who want to pass the FRCR 2B Written Section in the shortest amount of time with the highest chance of success. We have designed the course so you get the following benefits:

          With 25 Long Case Packets and 60 Rapid Reporting packets , you can revise almost all the kinds of questions you'll be asked in the FRCR 2B Written Exam

          An opportunity to use our RCR Exam simulation software that gives you the experience of taking the real Exam and  allows you to get comfortable using keyboard shortcuts and typing your answers in text boxes

          A game-changing exam strategy reviewed and approved by FRCR experts in an email series that's only for subscribers so you can form a comprehensive preparation plan

          An optional monthly extension plan so you can pay for just as long as you need the course and no longer

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          Our FRCR 2A Course is designed for Radiologists who want to pass FRCR 2A with the least effort and the shortest preparation time. Here's what you get with the course:

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          The FRCR Online Vivas course is designed for highly motivated FRCR Candidates in search of the Viva practice they need to excel in the Viva section of the FRCR Exam. Our course is designed to provide the following benefits:

          We conduct a series of 4-hour online viva sessions on the first Saturday of every month, every month of the year so you can get regular Viva practice until the day of the Exam

          Exposure to 30 cases in every 4-hour session so you can improve your knowledge of the cases that are typically shown in the FRCR Viva Exam

          Hot-seat opportunities on a first-come-first-served rotational basis and observation slots so you can perfect your presentation technique and learn from continuous feedback

          Comprehensive feedback from our session supervisors that are drawn from a faculty of nearly 150 post-FRCR Radiologists, including ex-FRCR examiners so you can score the highest possible marks in the Exam

          The viva packets we use in this course are of a similar standard with the FRCR exams so you can gain confidence in your ability to pass the FRCR Viva Segment.

          12 months' worth recordings of previous Viva sessions we've conducted so you can see a large number of cases before the Exam

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