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Online Anatomy, Rapid Reporting and Long Cases

15 Anatomy, 60+ Rapid reporting and 20+ long case packets with more added frequently.

High Quality images

We use high resolution JPEG and DICOM images.

Similar to RCR Software

Built from scratch to mimic the experience of the exam giving you practice with short keys and other features to increase your speed in the exam.

Analyse Performance

Track your performance with immediate feedback and webinar meetups to discuss difficult cases.

Our Courses

Anatomy Preview

Our FRCR Part 1 Anatomy Course uses the best selling content from our website www.reviseradiology.com and presents them in a platform specific to the FRCR Part 1 examinations. The bespoke platform has been created so that candidates sitting the FRCR Examinations are able to practice for the examination using all the Keyboard shortcuts availalble in the examination. Users have given us feedback that confirms what we believed - that practicing on a similar platform reduces stress during the examination. We provide full resolution images direct from PACS for every major imaging modality. We cover every major body system. Test your radiological anatomy knowledge against our comprehensive bank of questions. You get immediate feedback and you can compare your performance in each packet against the other users of the site to help you focus your revision.

Anatomy Preview

Our FRCR 2B Written Courses use content that include those from the renowned South West FRCR Courses and has been improved over many years. Revise Radiology Courses offers model answers and you get immediate feedback and you can compare your performance in each packet against the other users of the site to help you focus your revision. Want to know if you overcall too many normal films? Perhaps you have a tendency to misdiagnose? Our course can help you to improve by highlighting your weaknesses. Our modules are designed to mirror the exam format used by the Royal College of Radiologists as closely as possible. We know from our experience that many people fail the reporting section of the FRCR exams because they overcall normal x rays. Our rapid reporting sessions are designed to help enhance your skill in differentiating a normal x-ray from one with pathology. The emphasis is on improving your speed and technique and is an ideal revision and practice course. A candidate at this stage of the course is expected to be able to pick up major abnormalities.

The Revise Radiology FRCR 2B Online Course is a continuous rolling online Viva revision course for candidates sitting the 2B part of the FRCR examinations and is run in collaboration with the renowned South West FRCR Course.

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