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What is the Revise Radiology?

Revise Radiology's aim is to help as many people as possible pass their radiology qualifications with innovative teaching.

Our aim is to provide everything you need to pass your Radiology Exam on your first sitting.

Revise Radiology has grown to become the leading global platform for learners to learn & teachers to teach Radiology with the help of the global Radiology community.

Revise Radiology helps pre-FRCR Radiologists pass their Exams. We also help post-FRCR Radiologists pass on their knowledge and skills to the next cohort of Radiologists.

In the FRCR Exam, candidates are required to type in their answers and view images on a software called ‘Practique’

We have developed an online Exam platform which mirrors ‘Practique’ to give our members the confidence they need to pass their Exams.

Revise Radiology hosts the largest online library of Anatomy, Rapid Reporting and Long Case packets. Our packets are of the same standard as the FRCR Exam with high-quality images.

We strive to give our Faculty a platform to teach Radiology easily with online viva-style teaching as well as webinars, case studies and discussions of our packets.

Our Faculty present a number of webinars on general Radiology topics every week. The webinars are recorded and the recordings and presentations are made available to our members to watch on-demand as a part of certain subscription plans.

At Revise Radiology, we take pride in our commitment to giving back to society. All our profits are donated to various charitable organisations which support causes that align with our mission.