Revise Radiology’s Vision

Our goal is to create comprehensive FRCR preparation courses guaranteed to help you pass the FRCR exam

Some of our core offerings

High quality images

We only use high resolution JPEG and DICOM images.

RCR Simulation Software

Designed to mirror the experience of the exam, our software will give you practice with the hot keys and functionality of the RCR platform

Online Viva Sessions

We run regular online viva sessions to help you improve your diagnosis and presentation with feedback from our expert examiners

Our Journey

Revise Radiology was started in 2014 by three Radiologists on the Severn (Bristol) training scheme, Dr Garry Pettet, Dr Jonathan Rodrigues and Dr Richard Fawcett, with 15 Anatomy and 30 Rapid Reporting packets. Jacob Holdings Ltd bought Revise Radiology in 2018 from the three founding Radiologists, who have since moved on to other projects.

Around this time, the RCR made the Anatomy, Rapid Reporting and written (Long Case) sections of the exam completely electronic. Candidates are now required to type in their answers and view images on a software called Practique. We developed an RCR-simulation platform from scratch to help candidates adjust to this change. Our software mirrors the examination experience perfectly and gives our candidates the confidence they need to pass these sections of the FRCR Examinations.

As of May 2020, Revise Radiology hosts over 2500 Rapid Reporting questions, more than 180 Long Cases and over 1500 Anatomy Questions. With continuous development and innovation, Revise Radiology is now the No. 1 website for candidates preparing for the FRCR Examinations.

In 2018, Dr. Koshy Jacob began providing online viva practice sessions, particularly to help Radiologists outside the UK. These sessions have since been incorporated into a full-fledged ongoing course with monthly viva sessions. Revise Radiology’s Online Viva Course is the only online course for the FRCR 2B Oral Examinations. It is considered a ‘must-attend’ for overseas candidates. Our course faculty consists of over 150 Radiologists, some of whom are also long-standing examiners on the South West FRCR Course, which was started in 2008 by Dr Jacob. This course is now one of the most popular FRCR preparation courses in the UK.

The Coaching Circle is the latest offering from Revise Radiology and is the fulfilment of a journey that started for Dr Koshy Jacob in 2015, when he first experienced the co-active model of professional coaching. The experience convinced him that coaching is essential for an ordinary person who wants to achieve extra-ordinary results.

Koshy went on to train as a professional coach and now has two coaching qualifications under his belt. He designed the Coaching Circle program to help young radiologists succeed in every aspect of their personal and professional lives. The faculty of the Coaching Circle are coaches and mentors who share his vision and work together to provide affordable, high-value coaching and mentorship to doctors and other professionals.

Revise Radiology has a core team of over 15 people including Consultant Radiologists, Registrars, IT experts, Professional Coaches, and an Editing and Administration team.

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