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'How I Passed the FRCR 2B exam' - with Rosmi Jafar

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January 17th, 2023

Interview with Dr Rosmi Jafer

This is a transcript of an interview with Dr Rosmi Jafer, which we have edited for clarity. Rosmi passed the FRCR 2B exam on her first attempt in 2022, after revising for 2 months. She explains how she prepared.

Q. Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your career to date?

My name is Rosmi Jafer. I hail from Kerala, India. I completed my residency in Bangalore and went on for my senior residency in CMC Vellore. In November '22 I completed my FRCR 2B and Master of Medicine (Diagnostic Radiology).

Q. Please could you take us through your FRCR journey?

My FRCR journey began during my residency. I sat the FRCR Part 1 in 2019 during my first year of training. The FRCR 2A exam got delayed due to COVID. So, I sat the FRCR 2A in November 2021 and then the FRCR 2B in November 2022.

Q. Please could you tell us a bit about how you prepared for the FRCR? How much time did you spend on revision? What was your 2B preparation like?

I started my FRCR 2B exam preparation in September 2022, 2 months before the exam. Since 2 months is too short a preparation time, I decided to take a break from work.

Before starting my preparation, I watched a few of the FRCR exam strategy videos by Dr Koshy. They helped me to get an overview of the exam and figure out how I needed to prepare. After deciding on my study plan I brushed up my general radiology knowledge. For about 2-4 days, I went through my notes of all the systems which I had prepared for my residency exams.

I started by reading Nigel Raby and working out the RR books by Dr Paddock and Nisha Sharma. I also attended a few viva courses as an observer, including the South West Course. For the next month, I made a schedule of 3 study sessions a day. I covered 3-4 rapid reporting and 2 long case packets a day. I also practised vivas with the notes I made from the viva courses and case series by presenting to myself. I was able to fit in about 2 rounds of revision before the exam. I got decent scores in each component and managed to score an 8 in rapid reporting.

Q. What resources and materials did you use for revision?

I worked out rapid reporting cases from Revise Radiology and RadExams. From both platforms, I did 50% of the packets, which is a total of 80-90 packets. For long cases, I worked out all the cases from Revise Radiology. I didn’t use any other resources for long case preparation. I did half the packets in timed exam conditions and the remaining packets like viva sessions.

I attended the South West Course, radiology masters and Dr Amdad’s viva courses as an observer. By the time I could book, all the slots were already full, so I didn’t get any hot seats on the courses. The course which helped me the most was Dr Amdad Ahmed’s course. It ingrained in me the ideal way of presentation, and that helped me a lot for both long cases and vivas.

Q. What would you say are the big challenges/obstacles when sitting the FRCR exams as an overseas candidate?

Most of the time, overseas candidates have all the knowledge needed to pass the exam. We only need to learn how to convey it to the examiners. It's important to read up more on the management aspect. The viva courses help to bridge this gap.

Q. How has passing the FRCR changed your life?

The FRCR journey has helped me become a better-oriented and safe radiologist. I'm very thankful for the experience.

Q. How has Revise Radiology helped you in your FRCR Journey? What subscriptions/courses did you get?

I was on the All-Inclusive Subscription for 3 months. That includes the South West FRCR Course and the FRCR 2B Written Subscription. Revise Radiology definitely played an important role. I began my preparation after watching Dr Koshy’s webinar called 'How to fail your FRCR exam'. Dr Koshy's tips and tricks helped quite a bit in my preparation. The Revise Radiology longs and rapids use the same format as the real exam so it definitely helped me a lot.

Q. And finally - Why would you recommend Revise Radiology to someone sitting the 2B exam?

Yes, definitely. Revise Radiology is a must for FRCR exam preparation. The platform as well as the difficulty levels of the cases are very similar to that of the real exam. I would definitely recommend it to everyone preparing for the FRCR exam.