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Revise Radiology's Scholarship Program: A Journey Full Circle

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January 17th, 2024

Dr Koshy Jacob launched a Scholarship Program in September 2023 with a unique vision aimed not only at supporting aspiring radiologists but also at fostering a community-driven approach towards content enhancement. Now, as the first batch of scholarship recipients completes their journey, the program has come full circle, marking a significant milestone for Revise Radiology.

As the first batch of scholarship recipients successfully completed their training in November 2023, the impact of the program became evident. Many of the graduates from the program have now become examiners for the 2B Viva Courses offered by Revise Radiology. This transition from being scholarship recipients to examiners exemplifies the full-circle nature of the program. It is a testament to the success of the initiative in not only nurturing talent but also in creating a self-sustaining community.

Witnessing former scholarship recipients taking on roles as examiners and contributing to the success of their peers is a source of immense joy for Revise Radiology.

Revise Radiology takes pride in the accomplishments of its scholarship recipients turned examiners. We are not only celebrating the success of the first batch but is also looking forward to the continued growth and success of future batches. The full-circle journey from scholarship recipients to examiners encapsulates the essence of Revise Radiology's commitment helping our candidates Pass First Time.

Read about our scholarship scheme on our website