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FRCR Breast Imaging Course 17 October 2022

Subscription Includes

  • Lectures covering the FRCR Breast Imaging Curriculum
  • 2 Streams with Exam Strategy sessions for 2A and 2B candidates
  • For 2A candidates - FRCR 2A SBA session with discussion
  • For 2B Candidates - Viva style tutorials with feedback

The FRCR Breast Imaging Course is a 1-day live online course on 17 October 2022

  • This intensive FRCR course will have lectures on:
    1. Breast Screening: principles , quality assurance, guidelines / assessment, FH Screening, risk factors
    2. Benign breast disease, MRI breast, male breast pathologies
    3. Malignant breast disease 
    4. Strategy session discussing approach to Breast Imaging with tips and tricks for the 2A and 2B Exams
  • Parallel Streams for FRCR 2A and 2B candidates .
  • For FRCR 2A candidates there will be sessions  with SBA Format Questions with discussion. 
  • For FRCR 2B candidates, there will be tutorials in the style of the Examination with candidates getting a chance to present on the hot seat on a first come first serve basis.

All attendees of the course will be eligible for 10% off any other Revise Radiology course or subscription

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Date Price
17 Oct 2022 08:00 - 16:30 £175 + VAT