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FRCR Anatomy

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This course is tailored to cover 90% of your preparation for the FRCR Part 1 Anatomy Examination. We’ve designed our testing software to mirror the new RCR exam platform. The benefit of using our simulation software is that you get to practice:

·           Using keyboard shortcuts to manipulate the images 

·           Typing your answers in the text box

Here are the other benefits you get with this subscription:

        ·           Get model answers to all the case studies we’ve included (over 1500 practice studies).

        ·           Our software will tell you how well you’ve performed in comparison with your peers

        ·           Get detailed feedback to help guide your preparation.

For best results, we recommend that you complete these packets under conditions that resemble the FRCR testing facilities as closely as possible. Our software recommendations are:

·           PC or Mac Desktop with at least 8GB RAM

·           A fast internet connection

·           Images projected on at least a 21-inch monitor.


Our RCR simulation software will teach you the ins-and-outs of the Practique’s hot keys and functionality so you have no trouble on the day of the exam.

·           Practice typing your answers in text boxes

·           Learn how to use keyboard shortcuts to manipulate images

·           Get comprehensive feedback on your answers

·           Use our in-built statistics to compare your performance with the others taking the exam.

As this tool is designed to mirror the FRCR exam experience, it will only work correctly on a desktop computer.


Our revision tool will help you:

·           Monitor your progress

·           Customize your question bank to focus on specific areas

·           Work on specific modalities and regions

·           Select a difficulty level for each practice session

·           Organize your preparation so that you can cover our entire question bank of over 1500 questions

This tool has been designed to work on computers, tablets and mobile devices so you can keep revising on your commute or any time you get a break.


Services Provided

  • 15 Anatomy packets with over 1500 Questions
  • Practice/Revision Tool with modality and system specific modes
  • The only platform simulating the RCR Examination
  • Comprehensive Feedback
  • Peer Analysis

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