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FRCR Part 1 Anatomy

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The Revise Radiology Anatomy Subscription combines both a tool to revise anatomy questions and an examinstion practice tool, designed to mirror the RCR Anatomy examination. With an extensive question bank covering many modalities and regions it is the perfect revision tool for anyone studying for the RCR Anatomy Examination.

Sit an RCR exam with our software to mirror the real exam, use it as a tool to learn hot keys and functionality of the exam. Designed to give you exam style functionality so on the day you only need to worry about the questions. Get practice typing your answers in text boxes, the app gives you exam experience and unrivalled experience of the exam experience. We give you comprehensive feedback on the exams you have sat, which areas are you not performing well at, where is more practice required. As this tool is designed to mirror the exam experience it will only work correctly on a desktop computer.

With our practice revision tool you can set up your question bank to focus on areas that need imrprovement, drill down to specific modalities and regions and select a difficulty level or start a practice session that will utilise the whole question bank of over 1500 questions. This tool has been designed to work well on computers, tablets and mobile devices, so it will work perfectly on the commute or when you have a quick break.

Services Provided

  • Over 1500 Questions
  • Practice/Revision Tool
  • RCR Style Examination Tool
  • Comprehensive Feedback
  • Peer Analysis

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