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FRANZCR Part 2 Case Reporting

All the revision material to pass your exam.

Subscription Includes

  • 30 Long case Packets with 6 cases per packet (180 cases)
  • 100 Short case Packets with 30 cases per packet (3000 cases)
  • FRANZCR Style Examination Platform
  • Comprehensive feedback and Peer Analysis


All prices exclusive of VAT

Duration Price Extension
1 Months £350 £2 per Day
3 Months £425 £1.75 per Day
6 Months £550 £1.5 per Day
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Long case Packets

The FRANZCR Part 2 Case Reporting course with 30 Long case  Packets are intended to help you pass  the FRANZCR Part 2 Examinations. Each Packet consists of 6 cases but currently we have no Obstetrics cases (This is planned to be added over time). We’ve designed our testing software to mirror the Practique Platform that is used for this exam.

With this software upgrade, you get to practice

·         Using keyboard shortcuts to manipulate the images 

·         Typing in your answers in the text box

This will help boost your speed when you attempt the actual examination. In addition, our software will tell you how well you’ve performed in comparison with your peers and provide you with detailed feedback to help guide your preparation.

For best results, we recommend that you complete these online packets under conditions that resemble the FRANZCR testing facilities as closely as possible. Our software recommendations are:

·         PC or Mac Desktop with at least 8GB RAM

·         A fast internet connection

·         Images projected on at least a 21-inch monitor.

Short case packets

This subscriptions offers 100 sets of 30 short cases each (3000 cases) , specially curated for short case practice. Each set comprises carefully selected cases to challenge candidates' diagnostic abilities and prepare them effectively for their examinations.