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FRCR Part 1 Anatomy

All the revision material to pass your exam.

Subscription Includes

  • 16 FRCR Anatomy packets with 1500+ Questions
  • Practice/Revision Tool with ability to sort questions by system, modality and difficulty
  • Online exam platform that simulates the RCR Examination platform, Practique
  • Anatomy4FRCR Course packets and video recordings FREE (Value £100)
  • Active online support groups to answer your questions
  • 10% off on the next purchase of any of our FRCR Part 1 Courses


All prices exclusive of VAT

Duration Price Additional Days
1 Months £100 £1 per Day
3 Months £150 £1 per Day
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The FRCR Part 1 Anatomy subscription enables you to pass the FRCR Part 1 Anatomy Exam first time.

Here's what you get with this subscription:

  • 16 Anatomy packets with 1500+ questions
  • Practice/Revision Tool with ability to sort questions by system, modality and difficulty
  • Questions presented in an online platform that simulates the RCR Examination platform, Practique
  • All curriculum areas covered
  • Active online support groups to answer your questions
  • An exam strategy e-mail series, reviewed and approved by post-FRCR Radiologists
  • Constantly improving and expanding database of questions
  • Statistics that analyse your performance and compare your performance with your peer
  • Model answers to structure your own answers
  • Ability to create notes during your revision
  • Active online support groups

Our examination platform will make you confident to tackle your Anatomy Exam.

With the platform you can:

  • Practice solving packets in Exam-like conditions
  • Practice typing your answers in text boxes
  • Get comfortable with using keyboard shortcuts to manipulate images
  • Get comprehensive feedback on your answers
  • Use statistics to compare your performance with others who sat the packet

Use our revision tool to feel confident you are on the right track with your Exam revision.

With our revision tool you can:

  • Sort questions according to system, modality and difficulty
  • Keep track of your progress with statistics
  • Customize your question bank to focus on specific weak areas
  • Focus on specific modalities and regions
  • Select a difficulty level for each practice session
  • Create pointers that you can refer to using the notes section
  • Keep revising during your commute, while you travel or any time you get a break
  • Work on computers, tablets and mobiles
Anatomy4FRCR Packets and Videos

The Anatomy4FRCR Course is a 2-day live online course. The course which will be run on 17-18 February 2024 will be  free live but attendees do not get access to the packets or recordings of the sessions. unless they are subscribed to the part 1 Anatomy subscription. 

Specifically designed to cover the entire FRCR Anatomy curriculum, this course integrates structured exams and insightful discussions, ensuring participants grasp the nuances of the subject. Under the guidance of experienced educators, attendees will navigate through a blend of theoretical content and practical exams, ensuring a holistic understanding. Whether you're solidifying your knowledge or gearing up for the FRCR exams, this course promises thorough revision and preparation. Join us for two days of immersive learning, interactive discussions, and expert insights to confidently tackle any FRCR Anatomy challenge that comes your way.

Your subscription of the FRCR Anatomy Subscription includes all the packets shown on the course as well as video recordings of the sessions. 

Anatomy 4FRCR started as a concept in 2014 and were early adapters of webinar technology to deliver quality Radiology education. The revision course was aimed at Radiology trainees preparing for the First FRCR Anatomy exams. The course was divided into four sub speciality modules. The format included a Question Session to simulate exam conditions. This was followed by a Discussion Session where attendees answered the questions live by taking the virtual ‘Hot Seat’ .The course material was developed & delivered by a group of UK based Consultants experienced in training novice Radiology trainees