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FRCR Part 1 Physics

All the revision material to pass your exam.

Subscription Includes

  • 400 Physics questions and mock exams with similar distribution to the real exam
  • Live Physics webinars with on-demand videos
  • Major curriculum areas covered
  • Active online support groups
  • Ability to create notes during your revision
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The FRCR Part 1 Physics subscription enables you to pass the FRCR Part 1 Physics Exam first time.

Here's what you get with this subscription:

  • 400 Physics questions in the Exam format 
  • Explanations accompanying each answer. 
  • Mock Examinations with similar question distribution to the real Exam 
  • Practice tool with ability to choose to choose topic, difficulty and review questions which were previously answered wrong
  • Monthly Physics webinars covering major areas of the curriculum
  • On-demand videos of all webinars
  • FRCR Success Strategy E-mail Series with tips to pass your Exam
MCQ Question Bank
  • 400 MCQs available
  • Questions are similar to the style of the Physics Exam
  • Subject-specific exams are provided
  • Mock exams available with the same question distribution as the real Exam
  • All curriculum areas covered
  • Continuous score analysis available for progress tracking.
Physics Webinars

Get access to live Physics webinars and on-demand videos

  • Detailed explanations of topics from the curriculum with accompanying figures and tables
  • Webinars conducted by subject experts who can answer your questions
  • Systematic revision of the entire Part 1 Physics curriculum over the course of 1 year
  • Major areas of curriculum covered
  • Live MCQ session after webinars to test your understanding
  • On-demand videos of past webinars to help you revise
On demand Videos

On Demand Video Library

The FRCR Part 1 subscriptions gives you 

Recordings of all the Physics webinars

List of On-demand Videos 


Exam Preparation Tips: Starting from the Basics

FRCR Physics Strategies: Making Physics Easy

Basics of Multiple Imaging Modalities: Review Session

Understanding CT Dose Measures

Computed Tomography

CT Image Quality

Artefacts in CT Imaging

CT Imaging MCQ Session

CT Imaging MCQ Session Part 2

CT Imaging Systems

CT Imaging Systems MCQ Session


Transducers in Ultrasound Imaging Part 1

Transducers in Ultrasound Imaging Part 2

Ultrasound Imaging MCQ Session Part 1

Ultrasound Imaging MCQ Session Part 2

Ultrasound Imaging MCQ Session Part 3

Doppler Ultrasound in Clinical Practice

B-Scanners in Ultrasound Imaging

Mechanisms of Ultrasound Interactions

Physics of Ultrasound Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Revising MRI Physics from the Basics to Clinical Applications

Revising MRI Physics from the Basics to Clinical Applications - Part 2

Revising MRI Physics from the Basics to Clinical Applications - Part 3

Basics Of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI Part1 ) 

Fundamentals of MR Imaging

MR Imaging MCQ Session Part 2

MRI Pulse Sequences - Joanna Koshy

Metal-related Hazards in MRI - Joanna Koshy

Physics of MRI Part 2 - Joanna Koshy

Magnetic Resonance Imaging MCQ Session Part 1

Matter and Radiation

Matter and Radiation - Part 1

Matter and Radiation - Part 2

Matter and Radiation - Part 3

Matter and Radiation - Part 4

Matter and Radiation - Part 5

Matter and Radiation - Part 6

Matter and Radiation: Review Session

Radionuclide Imaging 

Radionuclide Imaging - Part 1

Radionuclide Imaging - Part 2

Radionuclide Imaging - Part 3

Radionuclide Imaging - Part 4

Radionuclide Imaging MCQ Session Part 1

Radionuclide Imaging MCQ Session Part 2

Radionuclide Imaging MCQ Session Part 3

Radionuclide Imaging: Quality Assurance

Positron Emission Tomography: An Introduction Part 1

Positron Emission Tomography: Artefacts & MCQ Session

Positron Emission Tomography: Image Quality

Positron Emission Tomography: Image Reconstruction

Positron Emission Tomography: Instrumentation

Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography: Image Acquisition and Reconstruction

Understanding Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography

Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety - Part 1

Radiation Safety - Part 2

Radiation Safety - Part 3

Radiation Safety - Part 4

Radiation Safety Practical Aspects

Radiation Safety Review Session

Radiography & Fluoroscopy

Radiography & Fluoroscopy - Part 1

Radiography & Fluoroscopy - Part 2

Radiography & Fluoroscopy MCQ Session

Radiography and Fluoroscopy - Part 3

Radiography and Fluoroscopy - Part 4

Radiography and Fluoroscopy - Part 5

Radiography and Fluoroscopy - Part 6

Radiography and Fluoroscopy Review Session