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FRCR Part 1 Physics

Subscription Includes

  • 6-month Physics Subscription on (270+ questions and timed mock exams)
  • Live Physics webinars with on-demand videos
  • Major curriculum areas covered
  • Active online support groups
  • Ability to create notes during your revision

The FRCR Part 1 Physics subscription enables you to pass the FRCR Part 1 Physics Exam first time.

Here's what you get with this subscription:

  • 6-month subscription to FRCRExam Prep
  • 270+ Physics questions in the Exam format
  • Detailed explanations accompanying each answer.
  • Timed mock Examinations with similar question distribution to the real Exam
  • Monthly Physics webinars covering major areas of the curriculum
  • On-demand videos of all webinars
  • FRCR Success Strategy E-mail Series with tips to pass your Exam

PLEASE NOTE: Revise Radiology does not have its own question database although this is being developed.

FRCR Exam Prep

This subscription gives you access to a 6-months FRCR Part 1 Physics Subscription . Click here to learn more.

Here's what you get with this subscription

  • Get your login within 48 hours of signing up
  • 270+ high-quality MCQs in the style of the Physics Exam
  • A question style authentic to the real Exam
  • Subject-specific question exams
  • Timed mock examinations with the same question distribution as the real Exam
  • All curriculum areas covered 
  • Continuous score analysis to track your revision progress.
  • Compatibility with mobile devices and browsers including iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
  • Support throughout your revision from the FRCR Exam Prep team.
Physics Webinars

Get access to live Physics webinars and on-demand videos

  • Detailed explanations of topics from the curriculum with accompanying figures and tables
  • Webinars conducted by subject experts who can answer your questions
  • Systematic revision of the entire Part 1 Physics curriculum over the course of 1 year
  • Major areas of curriculum covered
  • Live MCQ session after webinars to test your understanding
  • On-demand videos of past webinars to help you revise

Subscription Options

All prices exclusive of VAT

Duration Price Extension
1 Months £100 £0.6 - £1 per Day
3 Months £140 £0.6 - £1 per Day