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Subscription Includes

  • Includes 2B Written + Vivas + Study Groups
  • 6-12 hours of viva format teaching per month
  • Only online platform simulating the RCR Exam software 'Practique'
  • 80 Curated Rapid Reporting and 30 Long case Packets
  • 100 viva spotters packets (3000 spotters total)
  • On demand videos of viva sessions available for 1 month
  • 7 x Study Group sessions per week (except on course days and public holidays)
  • Active online support groups to answer your questions
  • On-demand videos of 200+ hours of FRCR teaching webinars
  • 10% off on the next purchase of any of our FRCR 2B Courses


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1 Months £650 £5 per Day
3 Months £850 £4.5 per Day
6 Months £1150 £4 per Day
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The FRCR 2B Combined subscription plan is designed to give you access to every FRCR 2B subscription Revise Radiology provides.

The plan includes the Vivas subscription:

These are online interactive teaching sessions in a viva format catered to candidates sitting the FRCR 2B Examinations. These sessions are conducted as one full-day course twice a month, typically on the first Saturday and the third Saturday of every month. The plan includes study group sessions

These are sessions which are run 3-4 times a week on an online platform that simulates the FRCR 2B Viva Examination with your peers.

In cases where courses are given priority, the extra monthly Viva session on the third Saturday may be rescheduled to another suitable Saturday within the same month.

The plan includes the Written subscription:

The Written 2B subscription plan gives you all the revision material you need to pass the FRCR 2B Written Exam in software that simulates the RCR Exam Platform. The subscription gives you access to 30 Long Case Packets and 80 Rapid Reporting packets. You get the chance to use software that simulates the RCR Exam platform so you don't lose valuable time and marks on the day of the Exam

The subscription gives you access to our regular teaching webinars on a wide variety of topics relevant to Radiologists preparing for the FRCR (Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists, London). The webinars to date include lectures covering the whole syllabus of the exam.

Written Packets

The Written 2B Course gives you all the revision material you need to pass the FRCR 2B Written Exam in software that simulates the RCR Exam Platform. 

30 Long Case Packets and 80 Rapid Reporting packets so you can revise almost all the kinds of questions you'll be asked in the FRCR Exam

The chance to use software that simulates the RCR Exam platform so you don't lose valuable time and marks on the day of the Exam

A game-changing exam strategy reviewed and approved by FRCR experts in an email series that's only for subscribers so you can form a comprehensive preparation plan

The FRCR Written 2B Course has helped many of our candidates pass the FRCR 2B Written Section and it can help you. Sign up now and accelerate your  preparation

FRCR 2B Vivas

Enhance your FRCR 2B viva skills with our 'Vivas' subscription.

Key Features:

1. Expert Live Online Teaching: Learn with experienced examiners using exam-quality cases, 6-12 hours per month.

2. Radiology Spotters: Sharpen your skills with 100 sets of 30 radiology spotters

3. On-demand Videos: Access 200+ hours of past FRCR webinars.

4. Study Groups: Participate in weekly study sessions (4 times/week, excludes course days and holidays).

5. .Viva Videos: Watch past viva sessions on demand for a month.

Choose 'Vivas' for focused and effective FRCR 2B viva exam preparation.

On demand videos

The Revise Radiology On demand Videos includes access to our well-stocked recording library of webinars on a wide variety of FRCR-related topics, such as Paediatric Radiology, Breast Radiology, Musculoskeletal Radiology, Neuroradiology, Head and Neck Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, Cardiac imaging and Uroradiology.

List of On-demand Videos 

Paediatric Trauma Guidelines in the UK

The Limping Child

Paediatrics - Dr. John Adu

Paediatric Abdominal Emergencies - Dr. Joanna Kasznia-Brown

Paediatric Review Part 1 - Dr. Ahmed Elhagar

Paediatric Review Part 2 - Dr. Ahmed Elhagar

Paediatric Review - Part 3 - Ahmed Elhagar

Is it Really Broken? High-Yield Fracture Pick-Up in Pediatrics' MSK Trauma Imaging - Dr. John Adu

MSK Ultrasound in Paediatrics - Dr. Mani Thyagarajan

Paediatric Bone Lesions - Dr. John Adu

Paediatric Orthopaedic Emergencies - Dr. Mani Thyagarajan

Role of Imaging in Common Paediatric Emergencies - Dr. Mani Thyagarajan

Role of Imaging in Common Paediatric Emergencies Part 2 - Dr. Mani Thyagarajan

Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome - Dr. Sudha Das

Imaging of Paediatric Liver Lesions - Dr. Mani Thyagarajan

Fluoroscopy in Neonates Part 1 - Dr. Mani Thyagarajan

Fluoroscopy in Neonates -Part 2 - Dr. Mani Thyagarajan

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine - Dr. Gill Vivian

Nuclear Medicine - Session 1 - Dr. Ahmed Elhagar

Nuclear Medicine - Part 2 - Dr. Ahmed Elhagar

Neuroradiology, Head and Neck

Neuro Imaging for the FRCR 2B - Dr. Scott Rice

Imaging of Head and Neck Malignancies - Dr. Anthony Eka

Head and Neck Radiology- What you need to know for the FRCR - Dr. Anthony Eka

Approach to Intracranial Tumours - Dr. Joanna Kasznia-Brown

Skull Base Imaging for the FRCR - Part 2 - Dr. Mohamed Shanah

Investigation of Petrous Bone: Congenital Anomalies and Petrous Apex Pathology Part 1 - Dr. Mohamed Shanah

Investigation of Petrous Bone: Congenital Anomalies and Petrous Apex Pathology Part 2 - Mohamed Shanah

Imaging of Salivary Glands - Dr. Mohamed Shanah

Imaging of the Orbit - Dr. Mohamed Shanah

Lesion Localization in Refractory Epilepsy! - Dr. Andrew du Toit

Head and Neck Review - Dr. Mohammad Shannah

Musculoskeletal and Trauma Imaging

Metabolic Bone Diseases - Dr. Nick Ridley

Bone Tumours - Dr. Ramy Mansour

Approach to Joint Diseases in Rheumatology - Dr. Ramy Mansour

Bone Tumours - Dr. Mohamed Shanah

Soft Tissue Tumours - Dr. Mohamed Shanah

Arthropathies - Part 1 - Dr. Mohamed Shanah

Rheumatoid Arthritis - Dr. Dennis Bielecki

Arthropathies - Part 2 - Dr. Mohamed Shanah

Radiological Identification and Analysis of Soft Tissue Calcifications - Dr. Dennis Bielecki

Musculoskeletal Trauma - Part 1 - Dr. Mohamed Shanah

Musculoskeletal Trauma - Part 2 - Dr. Mohamed Shanah

The Radiographic Diagnosis of Calcium Pyrophosphate Dihydrate Crystal Deposition Disease - Dr. Dennis Bielecki

Interactive Basic MSK Case Conference - Dennis Bielecki

Interactive Basic MSK Case Conference - Dr. Dennis Bielecki

Metabolic Bone Disease - Dr. Mohamed Shanah

Interactive Basic MSK Case Conference - Dr. Dennis Bielecki

Interactive Basic MSK Case Conference - Dr. Dennis Bielecki

Skeletal Dysplasia - Dr. Mohamed Shanah

Interactive Basic MSK Case Conference - Dr. Dennis Bielecki

Interactive Basic MSK Case Conference - Dr. Dennis Bielecki

Interactive Basic MSK Case Conference - Dr. Dennis Bielecki

Bone Tumor A-Z - Part 1 with Dr. Mohamed Shanah

Bone Tumor A-Z Part 2 - Dr. Mohamed Shanah

Abdominal Imaging

Imaging of Rectal Cancers

End Stage Renal Disease - Dr Ahmed Hagar

Liver Pathologies - Dr. Mohamed Shanah

Gastrointestinal Topics - Dr. Ahmed Hagar

Imaging of Spleen - Dr. Ahmed Hagar

Small Bowel Obstruction - Dr. Nita Hubert

Abdominal Hernias - An Imaging Based Review - Dr. Nita Hubert

Imaging in Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Nita Hubert

Archival Radiographs of the Abdomen: Hot-Seat Session - Dr. Nita Hubert

Abdominal Radiographs - Hot Seat Session - Dr. Nita Hubert

Barium Radiology: Hot seat session - Dr. Nita Hubert

Abdomen - Spotters - Dr. Nita Hubert

Anatomy of Retroperitoneum - Dr. Nita Hubert

Chest and Cardiac Imaging

HRCT of the Lungs - An Introduction - Dr. Vikram Raju

Cardiac Imaging - Dr. Tishi Ninan

Chest Radiograph in FRCR- Dr. Ahmed Elhagar

Approach to Chest Radiographs for the FRCR - Part 2 - Dr. Ahmed Elhagar

Remembering a Legend Benjamin Felson and his Signs in Chest Radiology - Dr. Jerome Bosco

The Lines and Signs in Chest Radiology Revisited - Jerome Bosco

Radiology of Pulmonary Tuberculosis - Dr. Sudha Das

The Lines and Signs in Chest Radiology Revisited Part 2 - Dr. Jerome Bosco

Aortic Pathologies in Final FRCR An Approach - Dr Mubarak Sazira Salim

Sarcoidosis- The Great Masquerader! - Dr. Jerome Bosco

Sarcoidosis - The Great Masquerader - Part 2 - Dr. Jerome Bosco

Sarcoidosis - The Great Masquerader! - Part 3 - Dr. Jerome Bosco

Imaging of the Hila - Dr. Sudha Das

Multimodality Imaging of Chest Trauma - Dr. Mona Fouad

Imaging of Small Airway Disease with Dr. Yvette Kirubha

Imaging of Large Airway Disorders - Dr. Sudha Das

Breast and Gynaecology

High Yield Breast Imaging for FRCR 2B - Dr. Christopher Zargoski

Breast for FRCR - Dr. Trupti Kulkarni

Approach to Breast Radiology in the UK - Dr. Suma Chakrabarthi


Global Fellowship - Dr. Joanna Kazsnia-Brown

Radiology Spotters - Dr. Sudha Das

Achievers Web meets

Leveraging Failure to Create Success- Pete Lowe

How to Manage Uncertainty

How to Create a Growth Mindset and Achieve Success

Focus The Key To Development

The Power of a Team

Master Your Time: Tools to defeat procrastination

7 C's of Effective Communication

How does cultural diversity impact you and your work?

How Self-Awareness Boosts your Effectiveness At Work and Exam Preparations

Systemise Your Exam Revision with Organisational Software Using Notion Templates

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Goal Setting: How to Define and Achieve your Dream

The Joy of Gaining Mastery: Invest in your own learning

A Powerful Approach to Note-Taking

How To Identify And Manage Your Priorities As A Radiologist - Dr. Koshy Jacob

5 Strategies on How to get more done in less time as a Radiologist - Dr. Koshy Jacob

The formula to a successful radiology study group session - Dr. Koshy Jacob

FRCR Strategies

How to Pass Your FRCR 2B Viva Exam on Your Next Sitting - Dr. Koshy Jacob

How to Pass your FRCR 2B Rapid Reporting Exam on the First Sitting - Dr. Koshy Jacob

How to Easily Pass the FRCR 2B Long Cases - Dr. Koshy Jacob

How to fail your FRCR Exam! - Dr. Koshy Jacob

Optimise Your FRCR 2B Preparation System - Dr. Koshy Jacob

Passing the FRCR Examinations - Dr. Koshy Jacob

FRCR 2B Examination - Dr. Koshy Jacob

The list of written packet review on-demand videos are as follows

LEGACY Long Case Packet 1 and Rapid Reporting Packet 1

LEGACY Long Case Packet 2 and Rapid Reporting Packet 2

LEGACY Long Case Packet 3 and Rapid Reporting Packets 3

LEGACY Long Case Packet 4 and Rapid Reporting Packets 4

LEGACY Long Case Packet 5 and Rapid Reporting Packets 5

LEGACY Long Case Packet 6 and Rapid Reporting Packet 6

LEGACY Long Case Packet 7 and Rapid Reporting Packet 7

LEGACY Long Case Packet 8 and Rapid Reporting Packet 8

LEGACY Long Case Packet 9 and Rapid Reporting Packet 9

LEGACY Long Case Packet 10 and Rapid Reporting Packet 10

LEGACY Long Case Packet 11 and Rapid Reporting Packet 11

LEGACY Long Case Packet 12 and Rapid Reporting Packet 12

LEGACY Long Case Packet 13 and Rapid Reporting Packet 13

LEGACY Long Case Packet 14 and Rapid Reporting Packet 14

LEGACY Long Case Packet 15 and Rapid Reporting Packet 15

LEGACY Long Case Packet 16 and Rapid Reporting Packet 16

LEGACY Long Case Packet 17 and Rapid Reporting Packet 17

LEGACY Long Case Packet 18 and Rapid Reporting Packet 18

LEGACY Long Case Packet 19 and Rapid Reporting Packet 19

LEGACY Long Case Packet 20 and Rapid Reporting Packet 20

LEGACY Long Case Packet 21 and Rapid Reporting Packet 21

LEGACY Long Case Packet 22 and Rapid Reporting Packet 22

LEGACY Long Case Packet 23 and Rapid Reporting Packet 23

LEGACY Long Case Packet 24 and Rapid Reporting Packet 24

LEGACY Long Case Packet 25 and Rapid Reporting Packet 25

LEGACY Long Case Packet 26 and Rapid Reporting Packet 26

LEGACY Long Case Packet 27 and Rapid Reporting Packet 27

LEGACY Long Case Packet 28 and Rapid Reporting Packet 28

LEGACY Long Case Packet 29 and Rapid Reporting Packet 29

LEGACY Long Case Packet 30 and Rapid Reporting Packet 30

LEGACY Rapid Reporting Packets 31-33

LEGACY Rapid Reporting Packets 34-36

LEGACY Rapid Reporting Packets 37-39

Study Groups

To pass the viva section of the exam requires a lot of hot seat practice. The purpose of these study groups is to help facilitate this and is one of the highlights of this course. 

We will run study group sessions seven times a week excluding Sundays, major holidays and course days . There will be 1 session daily except on Saturday when there are two sessions. Given below is the timetable for the sessions .  

All times are in UK times

Monday 14:00 - 16:00  

Tuesday - 18:00-20:00 

Wednesday 14:00 -16:00 

 Thursday - 18:00-20:00 

Friday - 14:00 -16:00 

Saturday - 09:30 - 11:30 

Saturday - 14:00 -16:00 On these sessions we will provide cases with which you can take turns being examiner and candidate. Each participant will get 6 cases to use for examining the other person. 

We will give you 50 minutes at the beginning of the session to get familiar with the cases in a group setting with which to examine your study group partner

We will then put you into breakout rooms in pairs. For the first 15 minutes one of you will be the 'examiner' and the other will be the 'candidate' on the hot seat. The 'examiner' will then give feedback to the 'candidate' for 5-10 minutes. 

You will then swap roles with the one who was examiner in the first 15 minutes becoming the 'candidate'.

The session will last in total approximately 1-1.5 hours.  In total you will have seen approximately  12 cases and over a 6 month period will work out to over 2000 FRCR standard cases. 


We are excited to offer scholarships for our FRCR 2B subscriptions to deserving candidates who share our passion for learning.

Our FRCR 2B subscriptions are designed to provide you with everything you need to prepare for your FRCR 2B exams with confidence. With a wealth of high-quality content, including practice packets, case reviews, and study group sessions, you can develop a deeper understanding of the radiology required for the Exam.

The Revise Radiology scholarship program is open to all radiology trainees who want to enhance their knowledge and skills. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds and experience levels, as long as they demonstrate a commitment to excellence in their exam revision.

The scholarship will require you to contribute to Revise Radiology’s educational programme. This contribution is something you can use on your CV or use towards your ARCP (UK trainees) progress or CESR application. Some activities will also be eligible for RCR CPD points.

Please visit the form below for a list of the activities you may be requested to complete. The process of getting a scholarship takes about 24-72 hours so please apply for this well before you need your subscription to start. 

Apply for a 50% scholarship here 

Viva Spotters

Our programme offers 100 sets of 30 radiological spotters each (3000 spotters), specially curated for viva practice. Each set comprises carefully selected cases to challenge candidates' diagnostic abilities and prepare them effectively for their examinations. With a diverse range of cases, participants gain valuable experience and confidence in their radiological interpretations, ensuring they are well-prepared to excel in their viva examinations.

System Specifications

To ensure you get the most out of our online packets, we suggest simulating an environment similar to the FRCR testing facilities. Here are our software recommendations for optimal performance:

  • A PC or Mac Desktop with a minimum of 8GB RAM.
  • A fast and stable internet connection.
  • Preferably, a monitor that's at least 21 inches.

For more detailed information, please click here to read further.