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Rapid Reporting Lite

All the revision material to pass your exam.

Subscription Includes

  • 20 rapid reporting packets (30 x-rays each with mixture of normal and abnormal cases)
  • Uses an online platform simulating the RCR Exam software
  • Get detailed analysis on your performance


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30 Days £100 £0.5 - £1 per Day
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Details of Subscription

The Rapid Reporting Lite subscription gives you a few starter practice sets to improve your skill in differentiating normal from abnormal x-rays. This is a key skill to acquire as a Radiologist. This subscription is particularly useful to Radiologists sitting examinations such as the FRCR 2B (Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists) or the MICR (Masters in Clinical Radiology, India).

There are 20 sets of 30 x-rays which have a combination of normal and abnormal cases. When calling an x-ray abnormal, you will also need to state what the abnormality is. 

The software simulates the one used on the RCR Exam platform.

An optional monthly extension plan so you can pay for just as long as you need the course and no longer