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Revise Radiology's Study Group Program: A Year of Growth and Success

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January 30th, 2024

The Study group program was drawn from Dr. Koshy Jacob’s own experience while preparing for the FRCR 2B exam. Recognizing the benefits of a group environment in terms of motivation and enhanced learning, he envisioned a support system for candidates undergoing similar challenges. Thus, the Study Group Program was born, aimed at fostering a collaborative learning experience for the Revise Radiology candidates.  


Implemented in November 2022, the Study Group Program has undergone significant growth over the past year and some months. What began as a bi-weekly initiative has transformed into a daily occurrence, demonstrating the program's effectiveness and popularity.  


One of the notable achievements of the program is the continuous addition of some five thousand new cases. This expansion not only provides candidates with ample opportunities to refine their skills but also serves as a valuable resource for honing viva skills and understanding diverse case scenarios. The emphasis on becoming not just adept exam-takers but also proficient examiners has been a unique aspect of the program.  


The general consensus among participants is that the Study Group Program has played a pivotal role in boosting confidence and refining presentation skills. Through collaborative discussions, candidates have gained insights into various perspectives, allowing them to approach challenges with a more comprehensive understanding.  


To accommodate candidates from different time zones, the Study Group Program has expanded its team of moderators, with moderators from India, South Africa, and the UK and we are very proud of this.   


The team at Revise Radiology is enthusiastic about the continued growth of the Study Group Program. Witnessing the positive impact on the candidate’s success and development, we look forward to welcoming more participants and contributing to the success stories of Pass First Time.

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