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FRCR 2B Rapid Reporting Study Group Tue. 20 February

Date: 20 Feb 2024

Time: 20 Feb 2024 14:00 GMT

The Revise Radiology Rapid Reporting Study Group sessions happen every Tuesday and Friday (excluding course days and public holidays) on an online platform. This unique space fosters collaborative learning and mutual support to pass the FRCR 2B Exam first time.

To attend these sessions, you need to have a subscription of the FRCR 2B Combined Course or FRCR 2B Written is required.

In each two-hour session, participants explore three Rapid Reporting packets, aiming to reach a consensus on each case.

Today's packets for discussion are: Rapid Reporting Packet 1 to Rapid Reporting Packet 3

You are willing to:

✅ Complete the three mentioned Rapid Reporting Packets before the session.

✅ Act as both a moderator or active participant in the group discussion.

✅ Be ready to provide and receive constructive feedback.

Here's how you can attend the Study Group session:

  • Check you have a subscription of the FRCR 2B Combined Course  or FRCR 2B Written
  • Login to your existing account, click
  • On your dashboard click 'Events'  and click 'Register' under the event
  • Log in on 15 minutes before the study session.
  • Find the event and click 'Attend now' to join the session.