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FRCR Study Group 18 March

Date: 18 Mar 2023

Time: 18 Mar 2023 09:30 GMT

The FRCR study group session is held four times a week on an online platform for candidates preparing for the FRCR 2B exams.

You can attend the sessions if you are:

Preparing for the FRCR 2B Exam and subscribed to the Revise Radiology FRCR 2B Combined subscription.

This is a safe platform where people support one another toward the common goal of passing the FRCR Exam first time

The sessions work best when you:

✅ Show up three times a week, every week.

✅ 2B Candidates - participate both as an Examiner and present on the hot seat.

✅ Are prepared to give and receive good, constructive and polite feedback.

Here's how you can attend the Study Group session:

  • Login to your existing account, click
  • Once in the dashboard, click 'Register' under the event 'FRCR Study Group'
  • Log in on at 09:30 GMT 
  • Find the event and click 'Attend now' to join the session.