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Celebrating 1 Year of FRCR 2B Study Groups

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December 1st, 2023

Celebrating One Year of Transformative FRCR 2B Study Group Sessions at Revise Radiology

A year ago, the Revise Radiology team embarked on a journey to enhance the FRCR 2B exam preparation experience. Recognizing the need for regular viva practice among registrars, especially those outside the UK, we introduced Study Group sessions. Today, we celebrate the first anniversary of these sessions, which have evolved from a mere idea into a thriving reality, significantly benefiting FRCR 2B candidates worldwide.

From Concept to Reality: The Evolution of Our Study Groups

Initially integrated into our FRCR 2B Combined and FRCR 2B Vivas Subscriptions, the Study Groups quickly gained popularity. What started as bi-monthly sessions rapidly expanded to 3-4 sessions per week, driven by growing demand and positive feedback.

How Our Study Groups Operate

Dedication and innovation are at the heart of these sessions. Our team, along with invaluable contributions from our Scholarship candidates, has meticulously crafted and continually enhanced case crib sheets. Each session offers registrars the opportunity to be paired up, allowing them to conduct and experience vivas in a timed, realistic environment. This unique format ensures that candidates not only revise but also step into the shoes of an examiner, gaining critical insights into what examiners seek.

The Key to Success: Diversity and Community

A pivotal aspect of our Study Groups' success lies in the diversity of interaction and the sense of community it fosters. Candidates gain fresh perspectives and learning opportunities by revising with various radiologists. For many, especially those who feel isolated in their FRCR journey, these sessions have become a hub of camaraderie and mutual support.

Bridging the Gap for International Registrars

One of the challenges faced by non-UK candidates is mastering management scenarios, often underemphasized in medical training outside the UK. Our Study Groups address this gap effectively, providing structured sessions that cover these crucial aspects comprehensively.

Expectations Met and Evolving with Your Feedback

Each registrar who joins a Revise Radiology Study Group session embarks on a journey of comprehensive and practical learning. We ensure the cases presented are relevant and challenging, and our crib sheets are a work in progress, continually refined based on feedback from participants. This dynamic approach ensures that every session not only meets but adapts to the evolving needs of our candidates, making it a truly collaborative and ever-improving learning experience.

As we celebrate this milestone, our gratitude goes out to all the registrars who have actively contributed to the success of these sessions with their valuable insights and feedback. Your participation and perspectives have been instrumental in shaping a more effective and responsive study environment.

Here's to continuing our journey of empowering FRCR 2B candidates at Revise Radiology, evolving and improving with each step!

Subscriptions that include FRCR 2B Study Group Sessions: FRCR 2B Combined and FRCR 2B Vivas